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Counting And Math With Pasta And Meatballs Workbook Review

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Author: Amelia Griggs

ISBN: 978-1733066648

Publisher: Green Ridge Press

Released: September 5, 2020

Format: Paperback

Reviewer: Ellwyn Autumn

Rating: 4 Lemon Drops


Counting And Math With Pasta And Meatballs is the second book in Amelia Griggs’ activity books for young learners called The Bella And Friends Learning Series.


Like its predecessor, ABC Letter Tracing PLUS Coloring And Activity Fun, Counting And Math With Pasta And Meatballs is an activity book created to accompany her Bella and Mia Series.


Counting And Math With Pasta And Meatballs is best suited for youngsters ages 4-6. It has counting and traceable numbers for Pre-Kindergarten as well as addition and subtraction activities for Kindergarten through First Grade.


Right off the mark, the text engages children by introducing them to the characters and inviting them to hunt for these characters throughout the book. This seek-and-find gives kids an entertaining task that requires focus and attention to detail; two precursors required of effective learners.


There is also multi-racial representation which allows young learners to identify a piece of themselves and their friends in the book while learning basic math concepts.


Besides math concepts, the book offers an assortment of fun exercises that children will enjoy like coloring pages, finding differences among a group of related items, a maze, and a list of various pasta. Two things worth mentioning: Each number is presented in numerical and written form. This a wonderful strategy to introduce and reinforce site word recognition. There are directions for writing each number that include a visual prompt.

The math worksheets would make a wonderful supplement to a math center or a small learning group; these same activities would supplement at home learning and homework assignments.


For fun and educational activities, you can count on this workbook to deliver! As a former Pre- Kindergarten/ Kindergarten teacher, I highly recommend this book for anybody who teaches beginning math skills.

Classroom Connection:

A Hands-On List Of Book Extensions:
After reviewing the different pasta in the workbook, mix a batch of various dry pasta together and sort it. Count how many pasta are in each group.
Make pasta patterns
Instead of tracing the numbers with a pencil, use pasta to outline them.
Paint the pasta then string it to make a necklace.
Make pasta salad
Graph your favorite pasta

I give it 4 Lemon Drops!

About The Author

Amelia Griggs is a Writer, Instructional Designer, eLearning Developer and Authopreneur. Her background is IT support and training in the corporate setting. In addition to being a tech-geek and always wanting to troubleshoot and figure out anything you want to know about computers, she enjoys researching, designing, and developing all kinds of educational materials, and writing instructional articles.

She has always loved to write. Even as a child, she loved composing stories and drawing pictures. She started out writing training manuals, but over the years, she wanted to get more creative, so after working in IT for 15 years, she went to grad school to study Instructional Design and Technology.

She fell in love with the creative process of designing training programs, developing online courses, and incorporating animation. She also discovered another untapped interest: writing and self-publishing.

For years, she focused on “technical” writing and designing but something was missing. Her creative juices continued to flow as she discovered yet another passion: composing short stories, and more recently, writing children’s books. This allowed her to harness her love of rhyming.

Do you love to read? Do you love to write? Either way, you have something in common with Amelia. If you’re thinking of writing a book and need help with the process of writing, self-publishing and marketing, her next book series will be devoted to helping others pursue their dream of writing and self-publishing a book.

Here’s a list of her websites for reference:

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