Monday, October 21, 2019

Book Review Squishy Wishy Meatballs

Author: Amelia Griggs

Illustrator: Winda Mulyasari

Publisher: Amelia Griggs

Released: July 9, 2019

Format: Kindle, Paperback, Hardcover

ISBN: 9781076516527

Reviewer: Ellwyn Autumn

Rating: 4 Lemon Drops

Goodness, gracious meatballs on the fryer! Squishy Wishy Meatballs has fun and love ground into every rhyme and picture.


Bella and Mia are back in the kitchen and this time they’re cooking up some meatball fun.

Through simple rhyme and charming illustrations, Griggs and Mulyasari show us once again how familial relationships are strengthened through the timeless tradition of preparing a meal together.

The character, Bella, captures the enthusiasm of a child eager to help with a grown-up task. Her mother, Mia demonstrates how patience and an open heart foster the independence and potential all children possess.

She makes the most of this time to nurture Bella’s self-esteem and curiosity.

I also appreciated the health and safety messages woven into the story. Bella is told to wash her hands before touching food and is always monitored by her mother when standing near the stove.

As with Silly Willy Apple Cake, Griggs has included another of her family’s favorite recipes called Mama’s Meatball Recipe. 

Classroom Connection:

I could easily see this book displayed in various Pre-Kindergraten/Kindergarten classroom centers: Dramatic Play, Library, Art.

It would make a great addition to any Dramatic Play book bin or as the focus for an Italian Restaurant.

Along with the book, brown pom-poms, yellow yarn, spoons, bowls, aprons, empty pasta containers, clipboards, pencils, paper, and menus could be added to supplement the learning fun.

In the Art Center, children could use brown dough to roll out their own squishy-wishy meatballs. To enhance the fun and learning, youngsters could be encouraged to count the number of meatballs they made.

They could also roll out different sized meatballs and line them up from smallest to largest. What a great way to support fine motor and math skills at the same time.

I give it 4 Lemon Drops!




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