Thursday, October 8, 2020

I'm A Messterpiece Book Review


Author: Lauren Eresman

Illustrator: Asya Kaznacheeva

Publisher: Sweet B Press

Released: October 2, 2020

Format: Kindle, Paperback 

ISBN: 9781999199647

Reviewer: Ellwyn Autumn

Rating: 5 Lemon Drops

I’m A Messterpiece follows the ups and downs of one little girl as she works through a difficult week.


The story opens with the principal character writing in her diary as she asks the reader, “Have you ever had a really tough week?”

What a fantastic story opener! It’s also a brilliant question to engage children from the get-go, and it’s something we can all relate to. Who hasn’t had a bad day or a terrible week?

The principal character then takes us on a journey with her, where she recounts her triumphs and failures each day. From self-portraits to soccer games, our heroine learns a vital life lesson—how to persevere through her mistakes.

During each struggle, a grown-up redirects her negative self-talk by pointing out the positives of the experience. One of my favorite quotes is from the art teacher, Mr. Wilross, “Art isn’t about perfection. It’s about being brave enough to be creative and express yourself.”

I appreciated how Eresman worked journaling and the days of the week into the narrative. The story begins with the principal character reflecting about her week and writing about it in her diary.

This models mindful thinking and shows children how to process things on their own. Yes, the adults helped the little girl find the silver lining in each struggle, but taking the time to record your thoughts and feelings about events has intrinsic value.  

Kaznacheeva’s illustrations are lively and cute. They hold an undeniable charm that will delight readers. It’s obvious she persevered and listened to her art teacher when she was younger.  

I give it 5 Lemon Drops!

Classroom Connection:

I’m A Messterpiece is an excellent source for an All About Me theme or a lesson on positive self-esteem. It would make a fine addition to a classroom library or the book bin of a student who needs a little encouragement.

After a read aloud of the book, children can decorate their own diary and write or draw in it every morning upon arrival to school. Every so often, students should go back and reexamine their entries. This simple exercise will honor their feelings and show them how much they’ve grown.


About The Author:

Lauren Eresman is one of those crazy over-committed moms that rarely says "NO."

Following a journey to find herself and build boundaries, she recently fulfilled a lifelong dream of becoming a children's book author.

Her desire to encourage young girls to feel empowered in their own skin has ignited a fire.

Lauren is passionate about telling stories that encourage girls to shatter the glass slippers, choose their own footwear, AND pick the path their feet will take. Making mistakes, being imperfect, or stumbling while they chase their dream is perfectly fine too.

Giving up is the only thing that's not allowed.

You can find Lauren online at

Lauren's Books:
The Cherry on Top (2019)
The Treehouse Trio (2020)



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