Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Book Review: Prompt Me Again! Workbook & Journal

Author: Robin Woods

ISBN: 978-1941077122
Publisher: Epic Books Publishing
Released: November 4, 2018
Format: Paperback
Reviewer: Ellwyn Autumn
Rating: 5 Lemon Drops

This book will have you up writing way past your bedtime!

I have to be honest, I've gotten writing prompt books before intending to finish every single exercise and guess what? I didn't. They failed to keep me engaged. 

Sure a few pages here and there sparked my interest but then they wound up in my slush pile of "I'll Get Back To It," which I never did.

Robin Woods' Prompt Me Again! Workbook and Journal is altogether different. The book is part of a writing series aimed at empowering your writing and boy does it pack a powerful punch in the pencil.

Right from the beginning, Woods waylays your worries with a metaphorical introduction that encourages you to leave your inner critic behind and take a chance on your inner writer.

There are so many features included in the book that are intentionally targeted to bolster your vocabulary and imagination. She also incorporates a writing sample to help you get started on your new literary adventure.

She arranged the book into sections chock full of resources perfect for an aspiring or experienced writer. It would also make a great supplement to any English or Creative Writing classroom. 

Although it is geared for older students, with the right modifications, elementary school educators could apply many of the exercises. 

(FYI: Robin Woods is a high school and university English and literature instructor, so she knows how to construct a rigorous writing module.)

Some sections include:
Story Starters In The First And Third Person
Descriptive Phrases To Insert In Your Writing
Dialogue Prompts
Fill In The Blanks
It's Your Choice
That's Classic
Traditional Prompts

There are also diagrams to outline detailed story maps, lists of alternative words and my favorite, Fairy Tale Mash Ups. 

Early childhood teachers could easily utilize one of these prompts as a conclusion to a unit on fairy tales and folk tales.

As a creative writer and a former classroom teacher, I highly recommend this book for any classroom and aspiring author.

5 Lemon Drops!

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