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A Field Trip To The Frankin Institute

Photo courtesy of: Beyond My Ken

A field trip to The Franklin Institute is the perfect supplemental activity for science or history lessons for any grade. It may also inspire a few stories among your creative writing students as well.
After all many science-fiction writers base their stories on imagined scientific breakthroughs in time travel, space exploration, and life on other planets.
Many superheroes and super villains suffer accidents rooted in sensationalized science. Peter Parker became Spiderman after a radio-active spider bit him; Barry Allen became The Flash after being struck by lightening and covered with chemicals; Norman Osborn became the Green Goblin after drinking a special formula.

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The Franklin Institute is a premier science museum in Philadelphia, PA. It's named after Benjamin Franklin, an accomplished scholar in political theory and science. He is also one of United States of America's Founding Fathers.

Photo courtesy of: Frank Ralph

Throughout the year, the museum hosts a wide variety of interactive exhibits and exhibitions that educate and entertain both seasoned and amateur scientists alike. As a child my favorite spot in the museum to visit was the Large Heart

Even now it‘s fun to walk through the giant model, surrounded by the rhythmic beating, and experience the inner workings of the heart as blood pumps through it.

Photo courtesy of: Frank Ralph

What I love most about the museum is their unique way of presenting some of my favorite fiction stories and digging through the science behind them. Over the years I've been to several of these exhibitions. Two of my favorites are the Narnia and Star Wars shows.

Photo courtesy of: The Franklin Institute
Through magical recreations with props and actors, they immersed people spectacularly in these worlds and made the moment memorable. I'll never forget the snow falling on me as I stepped through the door of the wardrobe or watching Darth Vader march down 20th Street to the Star Wars soundtrack.

Photo courtesy of: Erin Ralph

During my most recent visit to the museum, I embarked on a Viking adventure. As a fan of the show Vikings on The History Channel, it was neat to see the authentic weapons, jewelry and clothing and to delve deeper into Scandinavian history. 

Photo: Ellwyn Autumn

Photo: Ellwyn Autumn

Photo courtesy of: Frank Ralph

I also saw a princess' dress and cloak that resembled Anna's outfit from Disney's animated movie Frozen. Pretty cool!

Photo: Ellwyn Autumn

Besides amazing exhibitions, The Franklin Institute has a many exhibits, antique machines and educational resources too numerous to list. So whether you're a budding scientist or a curious citizen who loves to learn new things, The Franklin Institute is a great place to explore.

The Franklin Institute For Teachers:

            Field Trip Planning Guide
            Traveling Science Shows (They even have a Preschool One!)
            Professional Development
            Exhibit Resources
            Homeschool Workshops
            Title 1 Schools
            Educator Discounts

  Teacher Resources:

            History Time Youtube
            BBC Youtube

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           On April 13, 2019, Marvel: Universe Of Super Heroes will be swinging on over to The Franklin Institute.  I'm going to attend the show are you?

Photo courtesy of: Judeus Samson on Unsplash

Check out pictures of the Narnia Exhibition here.

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