Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Diary of a First Year Kindergarten Teacher: 12th Entry

 Wednesday, September 10
Dear Diary,
My class started today. It was extremely hectic but we survived. The four students whose parents didn't show up for conferences started today also, in addition to four more who enrolled this morning. That puts me at 25 students.
Miss Mary stayed with me for the first hour of school, which was extremely helpful. I only wish she could have stayed longer, but she was called to another classroom for an emergency.

One of the second graders isn't potty trained yet, so the teacher, Miss Murray, needed assistance when the child had an accident.
Miss Mary was supposed to come back to help with my class' procession to the lunch room, but she was caught up assisting the break up of a fist fight in Miss Murray's classroom. It's rumored that Miss Murray has the roughest class in the school. Every time I see her she looks worn out.
Many of the Kindergartners cried and ran around the room. Despite the chaos, Miss Mary and I were able to show the students their chairs and cubbies. I was also able to read a story and complete a simple related activity, as well as, leading the class in some music and movement.
There wasn't enough time to do a thorough introduction of our classroom norms and expectations, so I touched on them briefly.
Tomorrow we will create an anchor chart outlining our rules and work on lining up and walking in a straight line. I've never had to teach so many children to walk in a line without an assistant before. We also need to work on safety procedures for going up and down the stairs. Some of the children were a little wild on the steps.
Another important skill the children need to learn is sitting quietly on the carpet while I speak. I've got my work cut out for me but as long as I'm consistent and firm, things should eventually fall into place.
Miss Mary is supposed to help me with arrival tomorrow. During her time with me, I'll be sure to work on walking safely in the school. I've found a song to sing while we walk and I've made a "walk" and "stop" sign as a visual aid for the children. In addition to walking, they'll be learning environmental print.
 Of course as time goes on, I'll give each student a turn to hold the sign as an incentive to behave in the halls and stairwells.
I need to get to bed. Tomorrow is going to be another busy day.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Diary of a First Year Kindergarten Teacher: 11th Entry

Tuesday, September 9
Dear Diary,
The four parents who were supposed to attend a conference today didn't show up. I tried to contact them, but two of the parents' numbers were disconnected and I left messages for the other two.
My class starts tomorrow. I am really nervous. 21 students shouldn't be too bad. Miss Mary is supposed to help me with the students' arrival. I've got my lessons and my supplies ready. All I can do now is get a good night's sleep.